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45 mi


25 mph


6 hrs


76 lbs


Rear Hub


RadWagon 4 Review: Takeaway

Built with an extra long frame, the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 is among the best affordable electric cargo bikes on the market at a starting price of just under $2,000. With the optional extras, you can customize it to your requirements when ordering, making it a perfect cargo bike for your business or a family-carrying utility bike.

Ideal for...

Parcel delivery
Restaurant delivery
Carrying the family’s weekly groceries
Getting the kids to school or to their activities
Taking your significant other out on a date

About the RadWagon 4

Ideal for carrying mid-to-large-sized loads like groceries, restaurant food, and even your significant other, the RadWagon 4 could well be a complete replacement for your station wagon or minivan.

With its solidly built aluminum frame and comfortable riding position thanks to an adjustable seat height and handlebars, the RadWagon 4 accommodates people between 5’1″ to 6’4″. If you run out of battery, you can even put in another, fully charged one thanks to the ease of swapping out batteries. You’ll know you’re running low thanks to the built-in LCD display with a backlight.

This aspect of the bike has another cool outcome — you can pull the battery out to recharge it, meaning that you don’t have to leave it near a power outlet between rides.

Reasons to Buy

Well thought through and designed, the RadWagon 4 could well be the answer to your business needs if you deliver goods to customers. For family use, it could wipe out your need to use the car at all.

This e-cargo-bike can carry 350 lbs of rider and cargo, a full 50 lbs more than any other bike in the Rad Power range of electric bikes. This could mean an adult man could take an adult woman along as a passenger — what a ride to go on a date!

Though not specifically designed as a love machine, you’ll love the comfort of riding it. This go-anywhere cargo bike has a number of optional extras that — even fully specced up — will obliterate the competition in terms of price. A premium end cargo bike from Europe could cost you well over $5,000 to carry very similar loads.

Things to Consider

With a 7-speed analog drivetrain, beware of riding this on very hilly terrain without the motor — you’ll break a big sweat! It has a very heavy frame that comes in at 76.7 lbs — a big penalty for all the good things it offers as extras. This certainly isn’t a bike you’d want to lug up and down steps or store in a small apartment. If being lightweight and foldable are two big concerns for you, we’d recommend a bike like Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5 instead.


750W rear hub, brushless
672 Wh
Power delivery
Twist throttle, pedal assist
Payload capacity
350 lbs
Backlit LCD with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, pedal assist level, wattmeter
7-speed, 11-34T cassette
Mechanical disc
6061 aluminum
Rad Power Bikes, custom 22" x 3"
Standard Accessories
Pannier, lights
Optional Accessories
Child seat, passenger seat, front/rear basket, mudguards, running boards, pannier bags

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 750W motor should be able to handle fair-sized cargo even on fairly steep climbs. On throttle alone, it may struggle on longer hills, so you’ll have to pedal to assist. With the 7-speed derailleur helping to maximize your pedaling, the bike should handle most climbs without too much effort.

Its 3″ tires are made for road only and provide a good amount of grip with minimal rolling resistance.


On full power, the 672 Watt-hour battery will give you some decent range, but remember, you’re likely going to be carrying some cargo with you, so you can expect fewer than most e-bikes. If you use only the throttle that whole time, you won’t achieve the maximum stated range of 45 miles in most conditions. On pedal assist, however, you’re putting less power through the motor, so you could achieve the company’s claimed range with lighter cargo on flatter terrain.

Certain real-world conditions will impact range such as hills, headwinds, and excess weight. A rider with a heavier load on a hillier route will see a lower range than a lighter rider on a flatter route.


In an upright, classic position, you’ll be able to ride longer distances without your upper body feeling tired. To aid this, the handlebars feature comfort rubber ergo grips and are swept back so you don’t need to lean forward.

Lacking suspension forks, the RadWagon 4 might not be comfortable over bumps — but the relatively fat, 3” tires on 22-inch wheels should handle most rougher terrain with minimal discomfort for the rider. A plush saddle adds further cushioning.

This is a one-size-fits-all bike, and as such, people who are taller or shorter may find the ride less comfortable. The handlebars and saddle height can be adjusted for a more custom fit.


The RadWagon 4 has a rear-hub motor. Ridden on throttle only, this could mean it requires even less maintenance than a traditional bike due to less strain on the pedal drivetrain. If well maintained, it will offer you many miles of good service. The bike also has a water-resistant wiring harness and connectors that should hold up to the elements.

RadPower Bikes offers a one-year limited warranty on its e-bikes.


Whether you go for the loud orange color scheme or more muted white/black options, the RadWagon is undoubtedly an e-bike that will stand out from the crowd. Built around being a utility bike, it has sturdy looks. Those who know e-bikes will immediately recognize it as a RadPower e-bike, which, given its great reputation for electric bikes, is no bad thing.

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